Monday, November 16, 2009

It's been a while!

Ok where to start...well my kids:

Shermaine is close to a year old now and she is walking. It's so nice to finally have my arms to myself for once!

Sherry's 6 and is the same, not much going on in her life I don't guess.

My family: my sister had another brain tumor thanks to Cushings Syndrom, she had it successfully removed last week...and she's recovering quite nicely. Ive been out of town to see her.

My husband, started smoking again unfortunately, don't know what to do about that, this is his 3rd time to start smoking again. Everytime he leaves town for business or work he starts back up w/ his buddies...when will he quit for good?

Our ceiling sprung a leak upstairs, still waiting for housing to fix that. and I left my car at the airport while visiting my sister and my passenger window was rolled down the whole time....needless to say I came back to a flooded car...well, just the passenger side but still, not good.

My mom is in VA taking care of my sister so I get really tested these few months, yay, she comes back in January and in the meantime, I'm "house" sitting for her. Without mom, things are kinda of a wreck at home, having to take care of 2 young children. And that explains the lack of updates on my blog. I totally exhausted!

Oh, we'll be christmas shopping on black friday for all our kids. Can't wait...know what you are getting yet?

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